The Washing Well Wenches are the funniest pair of “ladies” you’ll ever meet! Part vaudeville, part sketch comedy, full-on entertaining, the Washing Well Wenches make interactive theater fun for everyone! 

The Washing Well Wenches are
Due to Covid-19, a lot of festivals have been forced to close or cancel. Fear not, dear biscuits, because we've got thy backs! 
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"The Washing Well Wenches are an extraordinary act that make every show its own unique, must-see experience. Their improvisational skills are not to be trifled with."
Jack Lepiarz, NPR Boston 
"Hysterical! Wifey and I go every year and it never gets old. We laugh harder and longer, 1000 times more than any tv show or movie."
Shawn Pepper, via Facebook
"These women have an unparalleled ability to engage, entertain, and enlighten audiences. With their wit, campy charm, and persistence, The Washing Well Wenches achieve what most acts in this business thrive for: an ever growing fan base. That makes them an asset to any show or festival."
Ryan Roy, Production Director, King Richard's Faire
"So funny! All the ladies are super interactive with the audience and know how to keep their crowd laughing."
Kirsten Sehen, via Facebook



15th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards 

Thank you to all of our fans! Best Comedy Show, THREE YEARS IN A ROW! We love you all from the bottom of our filthy little hearts! 



14th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards



13th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards 

Our group from the 2018 UK Pub Crawl standing in front of the famous Guinness Gate in Dublin, Ireland. 

Our all-female company performs at 32 festivals across the United States and Canada. We entertain on cruise ships, host conventions, appear at special events, and have even taken people around the world! We hosted a UK Pub Crawl in England, Wales, and Ireland in 2018 and had a blast! 




We are clowns and comedians, improvisers, embarrasers and enablers, drinkers, thinkers, and dirty-pants-sinkers, mentioners of scrumptious scandals and scrubbers of scandalized unmentionables!

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