Who We Are

The Washing Well Wenches troupe was founded over 35 years ago by our patroness, muse and originator, Danielle Dupont. Or “Laundress Zero.”


What began as a series of improv bits in the lanes of Renaissance Festivals from New York to Florida to Colorado has grown into the largest and longest-running female-fronted comedy show performing nationwide on the renaissance festival circuit.


Entertaining millions at over 30 festivals in the United States and Canada, and with a combined 93k followers on social media, The Washing Well Wenches are likely to be the most notorious and hilarious women at a renaissance festival near YOU!

Danielle Dupont, founder and producer of The Washing Well Wenches, circa 1999.

The Company

Our company is an all-female troupe of actors, improvisors, singers, musicians, and comedians. Every woman hired brings something new to the show, and they bring it with a SPLASH!


Our wenches have masters degrees, as well as extensive improv training from The Upright Citizens Brigade (NYC/LA), Second City (Chicago/LA), The Groundlings (LA), IO Chicago/IO West, and the People's Improv Theatre (NYC). We have performed at Universal Studios and at Disney World. We have starred in off-broadway shows, and have written and performed on multiple studio albums. We have been on major TV shows, starred in indie feature films, commercials, and voiced audio books. One of our wenches even starred in an Academy Award-winning short film. 

If you have any specific questions about our skills and/or resumes, please contact us directly. 

The Wenches 


Sometimes smells like bubbles, mostly smells like cheese.


I smelled a smell and I liked it!


Cookie the calamitous, Cookie the cacophonous, Cookie the caretaker of underwear extraordinaire! 


Kilts and Cartwheels are two great tastes that taste great together. I drink anything with a cork and my middle name is WHEEEEEE!
It's French.


The "I" in your "E." Dotti loves Unicorns and Guinness and Men in Kilts and Guinness and Jousters and Guinness and also Guinness.


Ester the Eager, Ester the Elegant, Ester the ENTHUSIASTIC!

Eureka Withers

You reek of honey, you reek of beer; I'm Eureka Withers, and I'm so glad you're here!

Fanny Pinch

My name is Fanny Pinch: mender of breeches and breaker of hearts! 


​My name's Frannie (that's fannie with an "R")! I'm hypo-allergenic but I'm not scent free! Last seen making suds in Tampa. Approach with caution. Will respond erratically to phrases like, "Free beer," or, "I know a single guy that has dirty laundry." 


My name is Gerty! I like long walks on the beach and astrology! My sign is Yield. Because I might tell you to slow down but I'll never tell you to stop! 

Hazel Handkerchief Dupree

Your scrubbing chugging patron saint of stain removal. a-MEN.


I'm Isadora! The wench with a bounce in her step! The one you want to snuggle! My sanity goes with the passing of the tide! You can call me Izzi!


Coming soon...


I’m Millie. Shirt-soaker; breech-boiler, and all around wench of the good stench!


I am mysterious, I am mischievous, I am your mistress of mis-matched underthings!


My favorite color is Beer! 

Photo by Lisa Margolis 


The prewash princess, the queen of clean, and the pleasantly plump (in all the right places)!


I am Penny Rosen-I'm here to wash your 'hosen. If you see me pick me up, all day long you'll have good luck!


I am Pepper! I sprinkle a little laundry seasoning into your life.  My spin cycle can be mild or spicy according to your taste--and that is nothing to sneeze at!

Photo by Peter Jeffer


Petunia, our raven-haired, blue-eyed Angel Wench, never met a song she couldn’t sing or a kilt she couldn’t look up. A fearsome actress on the boards of the Big City as well as our own dear mischief-maker, Petunia is up above washing laundry in heaven and pinching Saints’ cheeks. We miss you each day, our sweet girl, and we will never forget you.


Coming Soon 


Rosi the bold! Rosi the beautiful! Rosi, your English rose bud!


Sophie the Bubble Buster....Sophie the Suds Maker....Sophie....the Slippery When Wet!


I am Talley...two hair prongs of terrible, terrific, tempestuous, troublesome, and truculent (look it up) behavior, but you can call me Talley!


Hi I’m Winnie! I may be on sabbatical, but no one worry .... As we speak, every bald head in the New World is being licked and buffed to a shine like you’ve never experienced before!

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